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In the Ski Lysá resort, we expect that during skiing, you also need to recharge your batteries with good food and drink. Until now, it was only possible to do so in the restaurant of the Šport mountain hut. To please you, we have decided to prepare a new open terrace. With a great location – right next to Šport.

The terrace will be really big so you don’t have to push. It will consist of two parts with a total area of ​​about 300 m². Visitors who want to fully enjoy the weather outside can use the open-air benches. Those of you who want to warm up a bit will find a place in the insulated part of the terrace with the possibility of an open roof. Either way, the view from the terrace will be truly unique – right into the valley.

You can get to the Šport mountain hut and to the new terrace by traversing directly from the seat or by the stairs right next to the main slope.

We will introduce new restaurant MENU soon!