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The great chairlift is back! We are pleased to announce that a seat will be put into operation again this year, which will take you from the cash register up to Lysá, and not only in winter.

Our legendary chairlift has been out of service for ten years. Because of that it was not possible to just “kick” her again. We decided to embark on many months of reconstruction and revitalize it. It was a really big project that required a huge amount of enthusiasm, work and the highest expertise. All worked out and we are more than happy to bring you your “elevator” back!

Another novelty is that the chairlift will be in operation all year round. In winter, of course, its utilization will be the highest, as it is through it that you get to the slopes. However, we decided to operate the chairlift for all four seasons. Even if the resort will no longer be covered with snow, we invite you to join us. Take a bike or just trekking boots and go upstairs. Save your strength, we’ll take you upstairs!

If you are interested in more technical specifications, let them like it. The seat track is from the manufacturer Tatralift and bears the name TATRAPOMA TS-2. This is a two-seater variant, so you and your pair can talk while watching the beautiful forest nature on the way up. The total capacity of the track is 900 people per hour. At the exit station you will reach a beautiful symbolic altitude of 1001 m above sea level.