Lysá is a popular destination for walks for couples, families and athletes. Under normal (understand non-pandemic) conditions, we would definitely recommend using our seat. It will reliably take you from the bottom (from the car parks) to the top (to the slopes or to Horská Chata Sport). After taking you to Lysá, you can continue along the peaks of the Čergovské mountains.

Currently, you can only reach us on foot. But the walk is really beautiful and will take you about 45 to 60 minutes. Many of you will get used to hiking on the asphalt road, which is designed for cars. We would therefore like to recommend the route, which is shown on the map as piste no. 10.

You will find the beginning of this route for hikers right on the left side of the building at the boarding station of the seat. An information board also draws attention to it. By choosing this route, intended only for hikers, you will avoid a possible collision with cars and enjoy an undisturbed walk into the heart of the forest – SKI LYSÁ.